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(Ireland) "Nursing support" needed for all the "complex medical conditions" in Irish schools

Aug 7, 2018, Irish Times: Vulnerable children at risk due to lack of nursing supports in schools Vulnerable children with life-threatening conditions are unsafe and at risk due to a lack of nursing supports in schools, a State advisory body for special education has warned. Many children with complex medical conditions – such as epilepsy or cardiac problems – now attend schools and may require the administration of medication through catheters and tracheostomies. However, teachers and special needs assistants, who do not have clinical training, end up supporting many of these pupils. The National Council for Special Education told the Department of Education last year that schools needed support to handle these situations “as a matter of urgency”. Most of these children are among the thousands that attend at least 125 special schools funded by the State, though some are also in mainstream classes…. It concluded earlier this summer that there was an “immediate need” to put in place a scheme to provide for nursing supports in schools. …


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