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(Ireland) Number of SPED teachers increases 37%; school enrollment only 10% increase

Dec 12, 2018, Irish Examiner: Special education teaching posts face cuts Education Minister Joe McHugh has been told by top officials in his department that there will be difficulties when it comes to assigning staffing allocations for special education next year. A new allocation system was introduced last year, under which every school was given an overall entitlement of special teachers based on a combination of factors. These included pupil numbers, children with complex needs, scores in standardised tests, gender mix, and disadvantaged status. … The new system was supported by increasing the number of special teachers by 900 in 2017 and by a further 100 this year, but no increase is planned for next year. The number of special education teachers in mainstream schools has risen by 37% since 2011 to over 13,300 at the same time that school enrolments climbed about 10% to over 950,000. …

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