(Ireland) Mother can't find a school place for 4 yr old with ASD; 100s of others like her in Ireland

Feb 13, 2018, (Ireland) Independent: Mum 'at her wits' end' searching for school place for son with autism A SINGLE mother from Dublin has said she is at her wits’ end trying to find a school to accept her son who has autism. Four-year-old Adam Grainger from Clonshaugh has no suitable school to go to in September. His mum, Susan, told the Herald that only one out of 17 primary schools in her locality has an ASD unit – a class attached to a mainstream or special school for autistic children. She said there are hundreds of other parents throughout the country in the same situation. “It’s a massive issue and it’s the same every year for so many parents like me” she said. … Niall Murphy, from Autism Ireland, told the Herald that the lack of ASD placements for autistic children is a widespread problem that the Government needs to address. “One big problem is that the Department of Education can’t force schools to put ADS classes into them,” he said. …

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