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(Ireland) MORE on autistic boy denied a school place; "huge shortage" of ASD units

Jan 28, 2019, Sun: 'ABSOLUTE DISGRACE' --Kildare mum devastated after autistic son is denied place in local school and reveals he’ll miss out on making friends and getting education A HEARTBROKEN mum believes her autistic son is missing out on making friends and getting an education after being denied a specialised place in secondary school. Benjamin Tynan, from Celbridge, Co Kildare, was diagnosed with autism when he was just five years old. It means that Benjamin, 12, is unable to cope in a mainstream school as change, loud noises and large groups can distress him. The sixth class student attends a specialised unit at Scoil na Mainistreach in Celbridge. But unlike the rest of his classmates, Benjamin will not start secondary school in September as there are no places available in any of his local schools. Devastated mum Siobhan Tynan, 47, said: "The local school have two places for five children so they had to do a lotto system and Benjamin wasn't picked. "There is nothing we can do. I have been emailing Ministers and I've heard nothing from anyone. They know there is a huge shortage of ASD units in Kildare, as there is all over the country. "Now if my child could go to mainstream school, it would be fine but he can't deal with it. He started out in a mainstream school before he was diagnosed and it was an absolute disaster. He needs the emotional, one-on-one support." Siobhan has started an online petition calling for a school place for him. And the petition has already gathered more than 1,000 signatures. … She said: "This petition is the last resort. When every door is being slammed in your face it is soul destroying and you have do something." … Siobhan says she and her husband Kevin have no intention of home-schooling their son, because he has the right to attend school like every other child in Ireland….


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