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(Ireland) Limerick school adds $68K (US dollars) sensory room/garden to reduce anxiety

Oct 2, 2018, Limerick Post: Spirit of the 80′s to fund sensory fun for kids at St Gabriel’s school and Therapy Centre FOR the young charges at St Gabriel’s school and Therapy Centre in Dooradoyle, their new sensory room and garden are a stress buster, an anxiety remedy and a developmental aid all wrapped into one. Sensory experiences help children with special needs to cope with the demands placed on them in dealing with a world that is often strange, frightening and just too much. So while the school and the parents’ association feel the room and garden are worth every penny of the €46,000 [$67584.42 US dollars] that they cost, they still have to be paid for so they are planning fundraisers, the first of which it’s hoped will bring in €6,000 to help tackle the overdraft. “Sensory input is hugely important for the children to ground and de-stress,” explained Linda O’Leary of St Gabriel’s PTA….

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