(Ireland) Limerick: 2 year wait for autism assessment

Nov 11, 2017, (Ireland) Limerick Post: Limerick children waiting two years for autism assessments CHILDREN in Limerick City are waiting up to two years for an assessment to determine whether they are on the autism spectrum or have other difficulties. A HSE spokesperson said: “There are a number of teams like Blackberry Park in Limerick and a number of other services apart from disability which have HSE psychologists. “Blackberry Park is a School Age Disability Team and is part of the wider Mid West School Age Disability Services. The Team provides a service to children with special needs in 25 mainstream schools and one special school in Limerick city. “The Team currently has 372 children on its caseload and has an allocated resource of 1.5 psychologists. Both these posts are currently filled.  There is a waiting list in this team, as well as nationally, for ASD assessments.“Currently, there are 46 children awaiting ASD assessments. The HSE Mid West continues to make every effort to address these waiting lists and reduce