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(Ireland) Leinster: Primary school gets sensory garden; can 'also be used as a calming place'

June 9, 2018, (Ireland) Leinster Leader: Prosperous school opens new sensory garden Students and staff at St Farnan’s Post Primary school in Prosperous have come together to launch a new garden at the school. A sensory garden was opened recently by principal, Mr. Eddie Collins. The school said the garden was originally the idea of former teacher Mr Sean Clarke. The project was sparked to life by 5th year student Aaron Cullen. With the help of classmates, staff and students this idea came into fruition. Students now have a beautiful space that has been designed to stimulate the senses through sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. The garden will provide a therapeutic area “to allow students gently stimulate the sense and also be used as a calming place.”

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