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(Ireland) Laois 'desperately' needs new special school for "growing numbers of pupils"

Dec 13, 2019, Leinster Express: Education Minister ‘shocked’ at Laois special school conditions The first Minister for Education to ever visit Kolbe Special School in Laois was reportedly “shocked” by the poor conditions there, according to the principal…. Minister McHugh spent over an hour meeting staff and pupils, all of whom have severe disabilities…. “I spoke to him about trying to push for a new school. We need it desperately. I also told him about the lack of services in the HSE for our children, such as psychology and behaviour therapists and occupational therapy,” she said. … She is hopeful the visit will spur on the building of a new school, earmarked for years on HSE land next to the existing building. … The small school on the Block Road in Portlaoise serves children from all over Laois. With growing numbers of pupils the sensory room was sacrificed for a classroom, and wheelchair equipment fills the corridors and central exercise hall. …


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