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(Ireland) Killarney to become "autism-friendly town"

Feb 21, 2024, Killarney Today: Killarney aims to become an autism-friendly town

A new initiative aimed at making Killarney autism-friendly has been launched with the backing of over 30 businesses, public sector and charity organisations in the town.

The initiative is being led by a voluntary committee and supported by AsIAm, Ireland’s national autism charity, whose CEO Adam Harris was the keynote speaker at the launch event in the Killarney Plaza Hotel.

As part of the initiative, businesses and organisations that get involved will take measures to provide an environment that considers the needs of local residents and visitors with autism.

The overall goal is to ensure autistic individuals have full access to goods and services in Killarney and that their lived experience is one of support and inclusion across all aspects of daily life. . . .

The Killarney Autism Friendly Committee already piloted an autism friendly area at the Christmas in Killarney parades late last year, kick-starting three-year journey that will include training for champion organisations, autism-friendly events and awareness campaigns to educate the wider public about autism acceptance and accessibility.

The first training event for staff and volunteers working with autism-friendly champions will take place on March 5. . . .


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