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(Ireland) Kilkenny to add FIVE new autism classes in local schools

Apr 20, 2023, Kilkenny Live: Five new school classes to come on stream to support students with autism in Kilkenny

Five new special classes to support students on the autism spectrum are set to come on stream in schools across in Kilkenny in the next academic year.

Three of these classes are planned for primary schools and two are planned for post-primary schools….

The news has been warmly welcomed by local councillor Maria Dollard who described it as 'something we as parents, families and allies of autistic children continually campaign and advocate for'.

"Increasingly, schools are realising that inclusive education is better for children, families, wider school communities and society as a whole," she said….

Parents seeking special class placements for their children are advised to contact the National Council for Special Education so that their needs can be taken into account for planning purposes….


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