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(Ireland) Kildare: Fight over becoming "Autism Friendly"

Dec 21, 2023, KILDARE NOW: Autism friendly plan causes a row among politicians

Sharp divisions emerged at a Kildare County Council meeting following a proposal that Kildare become an Autism Friendly County.

It came from Maynooth politician Naoise Ó Cearúil who said KCC should work towards that.

He said one in eight children are born with autism which is lifelong, acknowledging that Clane and Maynooth are autism friendly towns.

He said his plan was about inclusion and would benefit those with a disability and not just those with autism.

He said that to pass the motion would not mean that other areas of concern are not addressed.

“It is not either or” he said, adding he was “shocked” that some councillors had tried to make it and “either or” choice.

But KCC official Eoghan Ryan said the council’s goal is to make County Kildare inclusive and accessible to all and “we are working towards achieving this.”

He commented it would be better to focus on universal access.

He added the council would prefer not to focus on any one particular disability.

Cllr Ide Cussen said universal accessibility is woven into council policy and “we don’t have a hierarchy of disabilities.”

One size fits all doesn’t work, said Cllr Chris Pender who said if the council focuses on one group or disability “we’re creating a hierarchy of disabilities.”

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