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(Ireland) Irish town is first in country to be declared "autism-friendly"

Oct 11, 2018, Good News Network: This Entire Town Became Autism-Friendly After Every Business Agreed to Apply Four Specific Measures The members and businesses of this community have all united in order to become Ireland’s first autism-friendly town. In order for the town of Clonakilty to achieve the title, over 212 organizations worked with the As I Am charity in order to be accredited as autism-friendly. Clonakilty businesses were accredited after implementing four simple measures: they erected maps and visual guides of their facilities; they made sure that their buildings were open to service dogs; they set up relaxation zones for visitors or guests who may become overwhelmed by their surrounds; and finally, they established quiet time periods that will have adjusted environments for visitors with sensory issues. On top of that, staff members, workers, and community members have been given autism-friendly training. …


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