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(Ireland) Govt. to address lack of autism services; 6 regional teams to be put in place

May 25, 2023, Tip FM: Kelly highlights situation facing children with autism in Tipperary

The difficulties being faced by a young autistic boy in Tipperary in obtaining suitable education has been raised in the Dáil.

It was during a Labour Party motion on access to disability and autism services which called for a policy to be developed to allow parents who got private assessments after waiting longer than they should to be reimbursed.

Junior Minister Anne Rabbitte gave a commitment that at least six regional teams would be put in place to clear backlogs. If these were not in place by August 1st she will take to budget that families would be funded.

Deputy Alan Kelly outlined how autism services – or the lack of them – are a huge issue in Tipperary and elsewhere.

“I had clinic recently where there were 16 appointments and 9 of them were issues with autism for people. I’ve a young man in my parish called Charlie Wilford who is in Portroe National School who needs to go to another more suitable school – either Lisnagry or Roscrea….


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