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(Ireland) Elem school has 30 autistic students; "numbers will increase next term"

May 29, 2024, RTE News: Sligo primary school promotes integration of autistic children

VIDEO: There are well over 400 pupils attending Our Lady of Mercy School in Silgo town.

Around 30 have autism, and the numbers will increase next term.

The level of support and staff training is paying off, as the unique strengths and needs of these children are being recognized and nurtured.

This is a special day for the school as children get to meet one of the News Today team.

Louise Heraghty: 

My name is Louise Heraghty, and I’m a weather presenter on RTE, on News Today. . . .

I am doing the weather, but I’m also James’s mommy. Do you know James? . . .

Claire McNall, Special Needs Co-ordinator: We try to promote cross integration where these [autistic] children are integrating into mainstream, but equally that some children in mainstream would avail of some of the expertise that’s here.

Student: We have a boy that comes into our class one to two times a day, and I think he benefits from being in different environments and being around more people.

And we kind of benefit from him because he answers most of the questions for us, and he’s really amazing at math. . . .


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