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(Ireland) Educators learn about neurodiversity in the classroom

Mar 25, 2024, Kilkenny Live: Neurodiversity in Education conference in Kilkenny is a great success

A conference exploring and understanding Neurodiversity in Education was held in Kilkenny on Friday.

Led by Jeanette Delahunty and the team at TSK Academy, the event aimed to support neurodivergent students of all ages.

The speakers, including experts and individuals with lived experiences, offered valuable insights.

They emphasized understanding neurodiversity and how to effectively support Neurodivergent students in education and the workplace.

Discussions highlighted both the opportunities and challenges, with input from various stakeholders like parents, teachers, students, and specialists. The conference addressed the pressing need for better support in Ireland in 2024, with initiatives like early intervention services and Autism-friendly initiatives like Limerick's Autism-friendly parade. . . .

Simon Preston provided insights from his experiences as a neurodivergent individual and leader in education, offering guidance for best practices within teams. Overall, the conference highlighted the importance of embracing neurodiversity and supporting individuals with diverse needs in education and beyond. Jeanette and the team at TSK see this as the beginning of a long journey to make Kilkenny and other counties more inclusive and understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with autism and neurodivergence.


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