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(Ireland) Dublin schools refuse complex special needs students; more than 80 have no place

July 3, 2020, Irish Times: Schools in affluent areas of south Dublin resisting special classes, say campaigners Department of Education compels 39 schools in area to open classes for children with autism Campaigners have expressed frustration that primary schools in affluent parts of south Dublin are resisting attempts to set up special classes for children with autism. The Department of Education on Friday published a list of 39 schools which will be compelled to set up special classes for more than 80 children with autism and other special needs who do not have a school place. … She said the Department of Education and the National Council for Special Education had a chance to end the practice of “continuing discrimination in many south Dublin schools for once and for all.” “Instead they have completely fudged it, not addressed the underlying issue and a vast majority of schools will continue to discriminate while at the same time talk about inclusion,” she said…. He also expressed concern that the announcement did not provide clarity for 38 students in south Dublin who have been identified as requiring a special school place, rather than a special class. These children tend to have a more complex condition and required extra support. “There is a clear identified need from the NCSE’s review and yet in the month of July, parents still do not know if their child will have a special school placement in September. We urgently need clarity from the department in this regard,” he said.


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