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(Ireland) Dublin: School seeks to expand SPED space

Jan 11, 2024, Echo: Extension plans are lodged to faciliate special needs students
OUR Lady of the Wayside National School in Bluebell is seeking planning permission for an extension to facilitate special needs students.
According to plans lodged with Dublin City Council, the school is seeking permission for a 593m2 ground floor extension.

A cover letter accompanying the application by the school, states that the building project is for the construction of an extension which will comprise of school rooms for educational purposes.

Sweeney Architects are overseeing the process and the primary purpose of the extension is to “provide appropriate space for the education of students with special needs.”

Located to the north side of the school, the plans contain proposals for three classrooms, central activity area, small safe place rooms, toilets and showers, storages, electrical rooms, and office….


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