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(Ireland) Dublin: Govt fails to provide for severely autistic 8 yr old boy

May 18, 2022, Dublin Live: Dublin mum feels helpless as young non-verbal son deteriorates before her eyes due to lack of support

Julieann McGovern is part of a group of parents calling on the Government to provide more support for children with autism…. "I am also part of the Dublin 12 campaign for autism services and inclusion. I'm part of the committee because I have two children on the spectrum….

"Dylan is non-verbal and has major behavioural issues. We had to go to court to get him a school place.

"Unfortunately now, the school place is not suitable for his needs. We only had a meeting with them the week of the protest in town where the school said that they are struggling and don't feel like they can meet his needs.

"We now need to look for a new school place for him. The Department of Education don't have the places. They don't have the staff. They're not trained to deal with my son. "My son is in a situation where he is deteriorating. He is being suspended a number of times at eight years of age for behavioural issues that are totally out of his control.

"The behavioural code in the school doesn't meet a child of his ability and his needs."

"Dylan can be a very loving an affectionate boy. He's had no therapy teaching him how to self regulate or communicate. His only way of communicating is lashing out and hurting people around him….

"He's still in nappies. He has no way of communicating with us. He has thyroid issues, hearing issues. He has multiple complex needs but unfortunately he is getting no support for any of them.

"When he was in a private ASD school, they put lots of work into him. They changed his life for the three years that he was there. Now, his new school can't achieve what they want to achieve with him because they don't have the support there. He needs a two to one ratio. They can't meet his needs."…

Julieann McGovern holding a placard of her son Dylan (Image: Robbie Kane)


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