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(Ireland) Dublin: 25 schools to add SPED rooms for ASD students; 39 more also cited

Nov 6, 2020, Independent: 25 schools in south Dublin told to open classes for pupils with special needs More than 20 primary schools across south Dublin have been told officially for the second time to open classes for children with special needs in the current school year. Most of the 25 schools are being asked to create special classes with capacity to accommodate up to six pupils with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Recent legislation gives the Minister for Education power to compel schools to open places for children with special needs. About 25 children in south Dublin are currently in receipt of a home tuition grant because there is no special class place for them, while others may be attending school without the benefit of all available supports. Under the terms of the legislation, the Department of Education served an initial notice on 39 schools in south Dublin in June seeking to cater for demand for places in the current school year . Some of the 39 subsequently agreed to open a class or the Department has accepted that they do not have the capacity. … Ms Madigan said the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) would continue to liaise with schools to identify additional capacity for special classes where this exists."…

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