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(Ireland) Dublin: 10 y.o. autistic twins wait 6 YEARS for school places

Jan 23, 2022, Irish Mirror: Dublin twins with severe autism facing sixth year with no school as desperate mum pleads for help

The mother of autistic twins whose plight shocked the nation said she has been driven to despair after waiting six years to them to get a school placement. In 2019, Darren and Gillian Milne, from North Dublin, detailed their challenges caring for sons Kyle and Ryan, who will turn 11 in March. As well as being autistic, the boys have ADHD, sensory processing disorder, global developmental delay and OCD. They are also both nonverbal with low immunity, meaning they pick up regular infections. Their parents faced losing their home after Darren, a bus driver, was forced to cut his working hours. The Irish Sunday Mirror can reveal Darren was left with no option but to quit his job to become a full-time carer to his sons – meaning the family’s income consists of €366 and €208. The couple were also facing the repossession of their home after they fell into four years of arrears because their special needs children require round the clock care. However, the iCare Housing project has now taken over the ownership of their home and they will now become tenants in their own home from next week.

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