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***(Ireland) Despite more than double SPED places, Dublin kids have to stay in nursery schools

Feb 1, 2019, Dublin Live: Autistic north Dublin boy forced to keep attending creche [nursery school] due to lack of school places A five-year-old boy with autism still has to attend a crèche because there are no available places in any ASD units in local primary schools. Finglas lad Daniel Rock's parents are worried that they will not be able to find a place for him by September, which will set his development back a further year. … He said: "He has to move along this year. We've talked to anyone who would listen about a unit placing but there just doesn't seem to be any."… He said: "Daniel's turning six and they're basically babies that he's in with but we've no alternative. He has to stay there. A lack of places in ASD units is causing difficulty for parents across the city. "I've spoken to about 10 or 15 parents in the same situation," said Alan. "If you ring the units that are in Finglas or wherever else, they can't even put his name down on the list because there's that many kids [waiting for places]." He added: "There's more and more kids being diagnosed now and the services just aren't available." … He added: "Since 2011, the NCSE has increased the number of special classes from 548 in 2011 to 1,459 across the country now, of which 1,196 are special classes for autistic children. "The NCSE is aware of emerging need from year to year, and where special class provision is required, it is planned and established to meet that need. This process is ongoing. …

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