(Ireland) County Kildare: 9,100 kids with asthma in schools

Aug 25, 2017, County Kildare, Ireland, Leinster Leader: Asthma Society warns Kildare schools to have asthma inhaler in their first aid kit As over 9,100 asthmatic children return to school in Kildare, the Asthma Society has warned that every school should have an asthma inhaler in their first aid kit in case of an emergency. However, two years after a new scheme was put in place by then Minister for Health Leo Varadkar TD not a single school has received an emergency asthma inhaler under it. This, combined with some teachers’ reluctance to administer asthma medication, is putting children’s lives at risk. According to CEO Averil Power, “1 in 5 Irish school going children (180,500) have asthma, so it is inevitable that many schools will have to deal with a student having an asthma attack at some point. Unfortunately, several British children have died from fatal asthma attacks at school in recent years. It is essential we do everything we can to avoid a similar tragedy here.