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(Ireland) Cork: 'I saw the explosion in demand for mental health support... among young people'

Mar 15, 2018, (Ireland) Cork, Breaking News: Some children waiting 18 months for a mental health assessment Young people have died while awaiting Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the Cork region, it has been claimed. The HSE has revealed that the overstretched mental health services saw 995 young people last year. However, there were 747 more on the waiting list in the region as of February 28, with 120 of these waiting more than 18 months for an appointment. … “As someone who worked at the frontline of education services for 10 years with a School Completion Programme in Cork City, I saw first hand the explosion in demand for mental health support services among young people,” he added. … Work is underway to address these waiting lists in the form of funding which has been made available to recruit extra staff and a total of 7.5 whole time equivalents, which are expected to be in place by the end of July, according to the spokesperson. “However, we need to point out that it will take time for there to be an impact on waiting lists,” they added. … “That’s not the way to treat these families, we need to be working on helping these children before they get to that point. “In a time when we are all talking about the need to be aware of mental health risks the HSE must do more to ensure they urgently address the staffing shortage and supply of psychologists to provide the service that is needed.”

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