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(Ireland) Clonmel: Parents to protest "extremely poor" autism services

May 4, 2024, TippFM :  Clonmel protest march to highlight lack of autism services 

A rally to highlight the need for more supports for autistic children in Tipperary takes place this afternoon in Clonmel.

The Action for Autism Day is being organised by local mums Sabrina and Stephanie who both have children with the developmental disability.

They say services for those with autism are extremely poor with government inaction a major issue.

Today’s march will start from the Main Guard at midday and will return there before 1 o’clock.

Sabrina says they are simply trying to highlight what more than 600 families like hers in South Tipp are facing.

“We have one or two speakers then that will give their own personal views and then we also have information from the school and things like that that will just get the information out there to tell people how there is such a lack of services, a lack of staff and a lack of school places.

Sabrina says she’s not expecting to change the world with today’s march but feels it is vital to get the message out to the public and the government just how bad things are.

“I’m not looking for miracles but I just want people to understand – I need our voices to be heard and I really need our government to finally take acceptance here and realise that its not okay anymore. It’s not okay – our kids are struggling, our kids are neglected and they need more now.”



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