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(Ireland) Bill could force schools to provide services if unavailable locally

May 9, 2018, (Ireland) Irish Examiner: Bill could force schools to set up special needs classes Schools could be legally forced to set up classes for pupils with special educational needs if parents are unable to get a local school to provide services. … Difficulties finding places in mainstream schools for pupils with autism or other special educational needs have been increasing in recent years, particularly at second level. Despite efforts by the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) to have mainstream schools provide special needs classes, the lack of legal obligations is leading to children having to travel considerable distances or to attend special needs schools instead. The proposed amendment which Mr Bruton will introduce at report stage to the Education (Admission to Schools) Bill would give him or his successors power to compel a school to set up a special needs class where the NCSE identifies the need to do so in an area. The staff recently purchased thousands of dollars worth of new devices to help educate their students in new, exciting ways thanks to the grants.

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