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(Ireland) Autistic children without bus ride to school

Sept 20, 2023, Limerick Post: No room on the bus for autistic children

A MOTHER of six disabled children has had to take three of her children out of the school where they felt secure because they had no seats on the school bus.

Aoife and Francis Kally are both parents and carers to their six young children, all of whom have special needs.

Despite informing Bus Éireann last spring that they were moving from a three-bed house in Newcastle West to a house more suitable to the needs of their family in Rosbrien, they were told with just a few days to go to the start of term that their children had no seats on the school bus.

“Now we’re faced with making six journeys a day because they all have different school hours,” Aoife told the Limerick Post.

“That’s 210 kilometres [130 miles] a day driving, and we still have other children in school, including pre-school. Besides which, our car has died. We just can’t do it.”


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