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(Ireland) All Aldi stories to have "AUTISM FRIENDLY HOURS" nationwide

Apr 21, 2023, (Ireland) FM104: Aldi Ireland announce autism-friendly hours in stores nationwide

Every Aldi store across Ireland will implement a number of measures once a week to create an autism-friendly environment for shoppers.

The measures will be rolled out from next week and will be in place every Tuesday between 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

During these hours, Aldi has committed to limit noise in stores by decreasing the volume of scanners at the till and turning off unnecessary announcements.

Digital screens will also be switched off in store to limit harsh light.

Aldi Ireland has also introduced Jam cards, which will increase accessibility for all shoppers. Shoppers can ask for a minute of patience in any situation they need by presenting the physical card or by using the app.

Liz Fox, Corporate Responsibility Director at Aldi Ireland, told The Irish Mirror: "At Aldi we understand that our customers often have diverse needs and requirements, and by implementing these measures to want to enhance the customer experience for those who may be sensitive to noise, bright lights or other sensory information."

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