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Iowa: U.S. Sen. wants investigation into seclusion room use; "find out how big a problem they are"

June 14, 2018, ABC9 Cedar Rapids, IA: Grassley wants answers about seclusion room use Iowa Senator Charles Grassley said an investigation into seclusion rooms could find out how big of a problem they are. The rooms, sometimes called isolation rooms or sensory rooms, are used in schools throughout Iowa to calm students down, including Davenport. They're sometimes used for special needs children and to prevent students from causing injury to themselves and others. "We're trying to find out how big the problem is," Sen. Grassley said. "So we're asking for this study. And after the study is done, then we'll decide whether some action needs to be taken." Last year, the Iowa Department of Education found the Iowa City School District used seclusion rooms inappropriately, sometimes as a punishment.

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