Iowa City: Seclusion rooms used 455X in 2016, mostly for preK-3rd graders

Nov 15, 2017, ABC 9, Cedar Rapids, IA: Districts vary in seclusion room use When a student breaks out in a violent outburst at school, that school can lock that student, alone, in a small room. These seclusion rooms are perfectly legal, and school districts across the state have them. Video: “…Iowa City was overusing its seclusion rooms. That came out to 455 incidents in 2016. … Most of the time it was pre-K through third graders shut in these rooms. Those younger students also averaged the most time spent in isolation—just shy of 30 minutes each time. “But Iowa City is far from alone. [Nearly 2/3 of 23 school districts surveyed] said they used seclusion rooms. …”