Iowa: Bill requires school staff to have training in suicide prevention

Mar 21, 2018, Des Moines Register: Suicide prevention bill gets final OK from Iowa Senate Iowa school employees working with students would be required to have least one hour annually of training in suicide prevention under a bill that received final approval Wednesday from the Iowa Senate …. This gives them more in their tool kit to address mental health issues in the classroom," Mathis said." The legislation requires the State Board of Education to adopt rules requiring school districts to adopt protocols for suicide prevention and intervention after a suicide, and for the identification of adverse childhood experiences to mitigate "toxic stress response." The protocols must be based on nationally recognized best practices…. Legislative staffers said a number of organizations offer evidence-based training in suicide prevention, post-suicide support for the bereaved, and in trauma-informed care, either online or in-person, free of charge to school districts. … … Some lawmakers have said one hour of annual training is insufficient, but others have said it represents a good first step towards addressing the issue.