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Indianapolis: Schools are using “flexible seating.” “It's not just a tool for special ed teachers"

Aug 1, 2018, WTHR, Indianapolis, IN: Flexible seating focuses on students' comfort in classrooms …"It's not just about presenting information, but it's about creating an environment where when you do present that information, it's being received by the students in the best way possible," said Southwest Elementary School Principal Beth Henry. "The more comfortable they are, hopefully the more they're going to like school and the more they're going to be able to retain," said special education teacher Victoria Pitcock. Pitcock teaches 6th grade special ed at Greenwood Middle School. Pitcock added, "They require a lot of movement." She's all about flexible seating. It's a concept that lets students decide where they sit and what they sit on. "From bean bag chairs, to laying on the floor, bringing in pillows," said Pitcock. "We have exercise balls," said Greenwood Middle School Assistant Principal Jennifer Brinker. "We have comfy chairs. We have bean bags. Stability stools." And it's not just a tool for special ed teachers. … And teachers such as Habig and Pitcock continue to see the benefits year after year. "They are engaged, calm, focused," said Habig. "We have just found that students do best with choices and being active in their learning so when they can be part of a decision of how they learn best and what works best for them they are going to thrive," said Brinker. Teachers who use flexible seating say they've seen improvements in physical health and sensory seeking behaviors. "Times are changing," said Henry. …


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