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INDIANA: State to cut ABA funding to providers

Oct 31, 2023, Fox 59, Indianapolis, IN: Parents, lawmakers react to state decision to move forward with new autism therapy rate
Indiana is one step closer to a decrease in funds for autism therapy after the State Budget Committee did not make a motion to strike a review of the FSSA’s proposed reimbursement for ABA from last Friday’s agenda.
Although some objections were raised, the rate as is still stands meaning the FSSA’s $68 per hour rate will go into effect January 1, 2024. This is down from the current average rate of $91 per hour.

”It is very disappointing that they are decreasing the rate,” Shaunna Thompson, a nurse in Mishawaka, said.

Thompson’s 3-year-old daughter started ABA back in March. She said she’s concerned the new, lower reimbursement rate could mean cuts to her daughter’s services.

”Within the past month, my daughter has said ‘mom’ for the first time,” Thompson said. ”The thought of losing that therapy and that center, it just brings tears to my eyes.”…

State Rep. Gregory W. Porter said he made a motion to increase the rate during last week’s State Budget Committee meeting, which was shot down. Although a motion was entertained by the committee chairman to remove the review item from the agenda completely, none of the voting members called for a motion to do so. Porter said he’s familiar with Republican leadership striking down similar motions.

”I had done it before and had been perceived an obstructionist,” Rep. Porter said.

Porter also said despite conversations he had with Republican leadership prior to the committee meeting, leadership had already made up their minds.

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I can't read anything on ZeroHedge (for more than a few minutes) without getting angry and ZH's n.a.z1-Germany-like denigration of entire groups of people (LGBT and autistic LGBT/intersex people, Muslims, Messianic Jews, innocent Palestinian civilians being taken out by middle eastern fake "Israel" that suits the worldwide "out-of-Africa" secular and Christian school curriculums, etc). The MAGA movement isn't too far away from calling literal gas chambers for the disabled "commonsensical and the solution to adult autism's impacts on society". After all, ASD adults are all just "confused screeching snowflakes who are too lazy" according to extreme rightwing and altright childless adult men on the internet, as well as sordid and p.ornographic "Christian" websites Encyclopedia Dramatica and KiwiFarms.

This loss of…

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