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Indiana: New law requires dyslexia screening; 10-20% of kids affected

June 1, 2018, IN Public Media: Dyslexia: Finally Finding Time In The Spotlight A law that takes effect in July requires schools to screen students for dyslexia. The hope is if students are identified early, schools will be able to intervene and better accommodate them. … Dyslexia was first defined in Indiana law in 2015 – just three years ago. The numbers vary, but anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of kids live with the learning disability. Binnion says the passage of a dyslexia bill this year is a huge step forward. It requires all schools to screen kids in kindergarten, first, or second grade for key traits associated with dyslexia, and, every school corporation will have a reading specialist trained in dyslexia by 2019. “It’s far better, the earlier ID’d and the earlier remediated, the better they’re going to be,” Binnion says. “You probably are not going to see their dyslexia rear its ugly head unless it’s some other like, right and left or something like that.”

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