Indiana: Law proposed allowing 10% of teachers to be unlicensed; SPED teachers hard to find

Jan 31, 2018, Indianapolis Business Journal: Last-minute proposal would let 10 percent of teachers be unlicensed Indiana lawmakers introduced a last-minute proposal on Wednesday that would allow public school districts to bypass certain standards and hire up to 10 percent of their teachers without a traditional state teaching licenses. … The measure, added to Senate Bill 387 during a Senate Education Committee meeting, would ostensibly allow public schools be more competitive with charter schools at a time when many districts are having difficulty finding qualified teachers, particularly in areas like special education, science and math. … The measure also would allow districts to hire up to 10 percent of teachers who have not passed content area exams as a way to increase the pool of people who might fill those areas of particular shortage, as well as other positions. … State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick, a Republican and a former public school superintendent, said she supports the bill and that the new proposal might help districts hire hard-to-find teachers. She said the state has already issued 3,000 emergency teaching permits to districts to bridge hiring gaps.