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Indiana: Autism provider expands; 'we are thrilled to continue our mission'

Feb 28, 2022, EinNews: Lighthouse Autism Center Announces Expansion of ABA Services in Indiana

Lighthouse Autism Center, a leading provider of center-based, Applied Behavior Analysis ("ABA") therapy, today announced a new center location in Portage, Indiana. Lighthouse Autism Center is currently the largest ABA provider in Indiana with a network of locations across Indiana, southwest Michigan and central Illinois. Autism spectrum disorder is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the United States. As the need for ABA services grow, Lighthouse Autism Center continues to expand in order to help more families and children with autism, reach their goals. Lighthouse Autism Center’s Portage center will offer a unique ABA therapy model that fuses together the sciences of ABA and speech therapy. By blending multiple research-proven therapies into one comprehensive program, and integrating highly trained, compassionate staff, Lighthouse Autism Center offers families the most effective approach to autism treatment available. “We are thrilled to continue our mission of providing the highest quality autism services to children and families through our newest location in Portage. … The Portage center is slated to open in late spring of this year. The facility will provide autism services to 28 children and their families and create over 40 new jobs in the area. … Over the past ten years, Lighthouse has grown into a leading center-based provider of ABA therapy for children on the autism spectrum, with a network of centers across Indiana, southwestern Michigan and Illinois. As the largest ABA provider in the state of Indiana, Lighthouse has a reputation for bringing together compassionate care with clinical excellence, with autism therapy programs supported by a beautiful play-based environment that supports the best possible outcomes for children with autism.

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