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India: Study links baby wipes to autism

Mar 26, 2024, News 9 India: Chemicals found in baby wipes, hand soaps may raise risk of autism and MS in children: Study

According to the researchers, chemicals like organophosphate flame retardants and quaternary ammonium compounds are mostly found in nail polish, baby wipes, hand soaps and cleaning chemicals. These chemicals found in household items may damage brain nerves, lead to autism and multiple sclerosis

New Delhi:  Are you a new parent who is always concerned about your baby’s safety and hygiene? Well, a recent study has raised alarm against chemicals found in common household things that may raise the risk of autism and other multiple development issues in children.

According to the researchers, while conducting the study it was found that children with special needs or movement dysfunction were detected much higher levels of two types of chemicals in their urine as compared to others. Moreover, when an in-depth study was conducted on mice to understand the details, it was found that these chemicals damage the brain structures that protect the nerves and help the brain communicate and function better. This damaged nerve has been associated with autism and MS.’ The study findings have been published in the Journal of Nature Neurology. 


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