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IN: 18% of Polytechnic High students have (high functioning) autism; (good side of autism)

Oct 7, 2018, Fox59, Indianapolis, IN: Purdue Polytechnic High School tries new methods with autistic students An Indianapolis high school that opened last year is attracting students with autism by taking a different approach to teaching. The school has 45 students identified as receiving special education services, out of an overall student population of 250. … “In a traditional school setting sometimes failure isn’t an option,” Taylor said. “That puts a lot of pressure on students with disabilities because they’re trying to pedal really fast to keep up with their peers.” Officials say the school’s main goal was to appeal to students who weren’t on track to continue their education in college or at a technical school. Students who graduate from the high school are directly admitted to Purdue Polytechnic Institute in West Lafayette. Students who don’t wish to pursue further education are connected to local professionals in STEM and technology fields, Taylor said.


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