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Idaho: State ed dept surveys schools about restrain/seclusion use

Nov 2, 2022, AOL: How do schools restrain, seclude children? Idaho Department of Education wants to know

The Idaho State Department of Education is surveying school districts across the state about their use of restraint and seclusion, following a Statesman investigation into the practice.

The survey — which was sent to special education directors at school districts and charter schools — is meant to give the department more information about how schools use the aversive techniques, what kind of training staff members have on de-escalation and how these instances are documented. The survey specifically concerns special education programs and students.

The survey comes after an Idaho Statesman investigation revealed children across the state experienced physical injuries and trauma after being restrained and secluded in school. …

One mother told the Statesman her son slept on the floor next to her bed for more than a year after he was secluded. Others said their children came home from school with bruises on their bodies. Parents said they weren’t always informed after their child was restrained or secluded.

Charlie Silva, special education director at the State Department of Education, cited the article during a webinar last month for special education directors, intended to “address concerns outlined in recent news articles” and discuss discipline procedures and guidelines….

The data gathered from the survey will help the department better understand the need for additional training, policies or procedures, spokesperson Kristin Rodine said in an email to the Statesman….

Illustration by Rachel Handley

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