Idaho: 25% of high school students have considered suicide

Nov 5, 2017, Coeur d’Alene (ID) Press: SURVEY: 1 IN 4 IDAHO HIGH SCHOOLERS HAVE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED ATTEMPTING SUICIDE Nearly 1-in-4 Idaho high school students have seriously considered attempting suicide — the highest rate in 10 years. … In Twin Falls, high schools use the data to identify trends and decide how to best help students. Statewide, it helps inform policy and program decisions. “This data is critical as we focus on the factors that disrupt academic achievement,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said in a statement. Students across Idaho take the survey, conducted by the Idaho State Department of Education, during odd-numbered years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed the survey. Six categories are covered: behaviors that contribute to injury, tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, sexual behaviors, and diet and physical activity. School officials take the results with “a grain of salt,” Twin Falls School District spokeswoman Eva Craner said. Some high schoolers may not take the survey seriously or be completely honest with their responses. … Of the high schoolers surveyed, 22 percent said they seriously considered suicide within the past year. That’s the highest rate in a decade…. School district officials would like to look into underlying factors behind the increase in the percentage of students who’ve considered suicide, Craner said.