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Hutchinson, MN: "Over the past 5 to 7 yrs...increase in difficult behavior at elem/preschool level"

Oct 13, 2018, Hutchinson (MN) Leader: Hills to climb … A recent trend among the district's youngest learners has caught the attention of these educators. "Over the past five to seven years we have seen an increase in the difficult behavior at the elementary and preschool level," said Lisa Kraft, director of special services for Hutchinson Public Schools. "The main issue is dysregulation — Kids not having the skills to regulate their behavior." What does that mean? "Students may not engage in anything that is happening in the classroom," Kraft said. "They are really focused on what they want to do. Taking directions from others is really difficult when they're used to doing what they would like."... "I'm finding kids are coming to school and when they are angry their anger is so strong," said Anne Broderius, West Elementary principal. "They will, for example, make a mess in the classroom."… "I think things stem from family interaction," she said. "I wonder about how technology impacts families. … "Our children really are mirrors," Broderius said. "They reflect our behaviors and attitudes in life." … The school district has teamed up with Greater Minnesota Family Services in Willmar to create a social-emotional development program, or SEED, to help students age 3 to 5 and their families. … “The two doctors saw this correlation between adverse childhood experiences and problems later in life,” Broderius said. … Household dysfunction, which can be a result of mental illness, divorce, substance abuse, an incarcerated relative or a mother who was treated violently …
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