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Huntsville, AL: District spends $750K for mental health counselors/police in every school

Aug 2, 2018, Huntsville, AL, ABC31: How local schools are keeping students safe All week long WAAY 31 is showing how school districts are preparing for the new year. Now, we're focused on the one thing every parent fears the most, a school shooting. … As mass school shootings piled up last school year, Madison City School leaders started to re-evaluate how they keep students safe…. When Madison students return to class on August 7th, they will notice two new additions to their hallways. "Every school is covered with a mental health counselor and we feel like that is going to be a great service to our kids. We have an SRO at every school now," added Parker. The district aimed to raise $750,000 to pay for the extra school resource officers and additional counselors. People sent in a little more than $20,000 worth of donations. Now, discretionary funds are paying for the rest of the bill. That money is typically used for extra teachers and classes. "When you fund school safety, you're funding fewer teachers and less offerings. And we have to find that balance, school safety is an unfunded mandate," said Parker. Parker is also in the process of hiring a Safety and Security Coordinator to his staff….

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