Huntsville, AL: 2nd grader sends teacher to the hospital; more incidents reported

Nov 9, 2017, Huntsville, AL, WAAY31 TV: Huntsville superintendent responds to claims 2nd grader injured teacher

HTTP://WWW.WAAYTV.COM/CONTENT/NEWS/456495663.HTML An I-Team follow up after a second grade teacher told us a second grader caused those bruises and they sent her to the hospital. It’s new information about students attacking teachers at Rolling Hills Elementary School in Huntsville. Teachers say changes made at the school aren’t enough. WAAY 31 took our questions about the incident to Superintendent Matt Akin Thursday. He did confirm he is aware of the teacher's claims that she was attacked by a student but tried to pivot the conversation to the improvements at the school this year. "We are certainly aware of it. It's not last year. It's a new year. We have a new principal at Rolling Hills. It's really a new administrative staff. We are really focusing on positive behavior," Akin said. … After we uncovered more than 10 on the job incident reports, the district hired two intervention tutors and an intervention teacher. ...