Humbolt Cty, CA: District partners with Dept. of HHS; $7.5M for in-school mental health services

June 8, 2018, KRCR TV Redding, CA: Humboldt County Schools mental health programs receive $7.5 million grant A partnership between Humboldt County Office of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services has produced a $7.5 million grant over the next four years that will make it possible for children and youth throughout Humboldt County to receive much-needed mental health services at their schools. "These grants are helping us have staff to respond to situations both, in the community and with this grant specifically, at schools," Deputy Grants Director Jeremy Nelson said. "It helps us to partner with the school system and have services available to kids on school sites. What we can do is identify families who are needing services early on in the process and hopefully prevent them from needing higher level services." ..."If a child is having issues that seem like it might be bubbling up to a crisis situation, this funding will enable us to have staff on site to provide services sooner in the process so that they're not requiring a higher level service," said Nelson. ... "The biggest of the grants will be funding school-based mental health positions," said Deputy Grants Director Jeremy Nelson. "The rest of the $9 million is going towards triage, more specifically help counties fund positions, specifically to address the needs of children and families affected by mental health." The grant will fund 22 positions, including mental health clinicians, case managers and other support personnel. Six clinicians and a supervising clinician will be employed by DHHS, the remaining 15 people will be employed by local school districts throughout the county. Both county and school staff will be stationed in schools. “We are pleased to partner with the schools to be able to provide more mental health services to school-age children throughout our county,” said DHHS Director Connie Beck. “Having the opportunity to address mental health concerns earlier in children’s lives improves their chances for better behavioral, social, developmental, academic and physical success in the future.” Mental Health Director Emi Botzler-Rodgers said these three grants will make it possible to better respond to, support and provide services to people experiencing mental health challenges throughout the community….