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Howell, MI: Parents upset over violent kindergarten student

Dec 2, 2018, Howell, MI, WHMI: Hilton Parents Angry Over Disruptive Student Issue About 20 parents of Hilton Elementary kindergarten students were at this week's Brighton Board of Education meeting to complain to the board that their children in one particular classroom were afraid to go to school because of a disruptive student. The parents told the board that their kids — whose classroom is called the “mouse room” — were constantly in fear because of one particular student who expresses his anger by throwing items such as chairs, books and shoes, adding that he even punched one child in the face. The parents' group stated the class has had to be evacuated many times this fall because of the out-of-control student. Parent Ross Gemuend told the board that in one incident, both a teacher and student were hit by a chair, and the teacher was injured, although it apparently was not serious. …


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