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Houston, TX: District dismantling Autism Support Team just as school opens

Aug 22, 2023, KHOU TV, Houston: 'We’re not happy' | HISD parent worried about dismantling of HISD's autism support team
VIDEO: With just a week until school starts, some Houston ISD parents are worried about changes they say the district is set to make to the Autism Support Team.

Reporter: I spoke to a mom who has twins at the school behind me, both have autism. While HISD says all students will continue to get adequate support, she and others say now is not the time for more changes in HISD

Autism mom: One is moderate, one is severe.

Severe means that they have a lot of behavioral issues. Sometimes they’re nonverbal. …

Reporter: Now there’s news of a shakeup. Multiple sources say Houston ISD is dismantling its Autism Support Team within the special education department, and that contract employees who, among other things, help train teachers, would lose their jobs. …

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