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Hopebridge autism service helps ASD kids "meet...goals"; expansion expected

July 12, 2018, Marion (IN) Chronicle Tribune: 'There is so much hope' It starts with a diagnosis. Concerned parents bring their children to a pediatrician and report that they aren’t hitting their developmental milestones, or are having trouble communicating, and the doctor suspects they may fall on the spectrum of autism. Around 2.5 percent of children in the US have some form of autism, and each one that comes into Hopebridge has their own set of goals and needs that are addressed in one-to-one therapy. Established 13 years ago, [when the autism rate was one in every 166 children], Hopebridge has dozens of facilities across Indiana and surrounding states dedicated to helping children with autism acclimate to a school environment and meet their developmental, physical and social goals. … Rooms ranging from quiet spaces, indoor play areas and sensory stations typically have two to three students each, and a therapist designated to each one…. In the future, she said Hopebridge may continue to expand according to the need in the community. Most of all, she said she wanted parents in Grant County to know that they are not alone. …

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