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Holyoke, MA: Elem school gets "Sensory Walk"; "curbs disruptive classroom behavior"

Mar 25, 2019, Mass Live: Holyoke H.B. Lawrence School unveils Sensory Walk - fun way to focus HOLYOKE – H.B. Lawrence School unveiled on Monday the district’s first Sensory Walk where students can hop, skip and jump their way to a stress-free day. On a side hallway, the colorful walk gives students a structured movement break, which helps them refocus or work-off some steam. Besides hopscotch, the children can zig-zag over letters, leap like a frog, count numbers, step gingerly through a figure-eight or do wall pushups. The walk also curbs disruptive classroom behavior by providing gentle, engaging exercises. Alissa Izzo, the district’s behavior specialist, said Alison L’Heureux, who runs the Therapeutic Intervention Program, came up with the walk idea. Izzo said sensory walk kits can prove expensive, about $1,500 on average. … Several schools in the district inquired about the sensory walks. “We would like to get it in other schools,” she said….
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