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Hillsborough Cty, FL: Elem school adds "Comfort Corner" with weighted blankets/bouncy balls

Feb 19, 2020, Tampa, FL, News Channel 8: Hunter’s Green Elementary offers new sensory room for students HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla Recently, Hunter’s Green Elementary School opened the Comfort Corner, a place where kids can come and reset to help them be more successful in the classroom. “It’s not just going to be for students identified as having a special need, but it will be open to every student,” said ESE Teacher Joni Cagle…. “Whether they need a weighted blanket to get in the corner to bundle up, the light stimulation, we have noises, we have fiber optic lights, we have tunnels, bouncy exercise balls,” Cagle added. And even though the room has only been open for a few weeks, teachers are already seeing a difference in students. All of their skills are increasing, their attention, believe it or not they come back to class and they can pay more attention and be more focused because they have been able to come here for a few minutes, said ESE Specialist Yaritza Jefferson….


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