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Highlands, NJ: Elem school gets sensory room with activities that "calm and focus"

May 21, 2019, AH Herald, Monmouth County, NJ: Sensory Room Opens at Highlands Elementary School HIGHLANDS, NJ — A new sensory room is now available to the students at Highlands Elementary School. Presented to staff on April 16th, the space opened for student use on April 29th, upon their return from spring recess. Sensory rooms are specially designed rooms that provide a range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses. Their purpose is to help these individuals including those who have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them, but in a safe environment that builds up their confidence and ability. Highlands Elementary School’s sensory room is equipped with various types of sensory stimuli such as a bean bag chair, a weighted blanket, a sound machine, calming lights, and textured objects for tactile therapy. It is open and accessible to all students who may benefit from this environment. …“By providing a therapeutic space for students to regulate a wide range of sensory needs through thoughtful activities that calm and focus, students benefit academically as well. …“The sensory room is a safe space for all those students who may struggle with functioning and participating in tasks in the classroom, due to difficulty interpreting and processing the sensory information that they come across in their environment…


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