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Hermison, OR: District deals with "growing number of students" with special needs

Nov 8, 2018, Pendleton, OR, East Oregonian: Hermiston navigates special education changes after split from ESD … The students are part of Rocky Heights’ behavioral skills class, one of several in the Hermiston School District for students with special needs. Students work on handling behavioral issues, such as anger management and coping with trauma. The Special Programs department serves students with a range of needs, including speech, autism, developmental disabilities and behavioral issues. Many of the programs have specialized classrooms housed at different schools throughout the district. … Beckley said while their strategy has largely stayed the same since she started in Hermiston 18 years ago, a growing number of students need those services. … Another parent, Brandalynn Gorman, has had some complaints. She said her son, who is autistic, had been violent with another student in class, lashing out due to a sensory disorder. After suspending him several times this year, his school attempted to shorten his day. But Gorman said they tried to do so without her permission. She said she was in the middle of working through the situation with the district, but so far was dissatisfied with the way things had been going….


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